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hared by family members. They are g▓enerally served with Chinese tea, and very rarely, moon▓cakes

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are served steamed or fried.Moonca▓kes are the must-eat food for the Mid-Autumn Festival. It was customary for house wives to prepare mooncakes at home wh▓en the festival was approaching.Howev▓er, as the production is labor-intensive and they are widely available in markets, very few people make them at home nowaday


s.History of MooncakesAt the end of the Yuan Dynasty (1271–1368, a dynasty ruled ▓by the Mongols), the Han people's army wanted to overthrow▓ the rule of Mongols so they planned an uprising, but they had no way to inform every Han people who wanted to join them the time of the uprising witho

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ut being discove▓red by the Mongols. One day, the military counselor▓ of the Han people's army, Liu Bowen, thought out a strata▓gem related to mooncakes. Liu Bowen asked his▓ soldiers to spread the rumor that there would be a serious disease in winter and eating mooncakes ▓was the only way to cure the disease, then he asked soldiers to write "uprising, on the night of the Mid▓-Autumn Festival" on slips of paper, put them into mo▓oncakes and

then sell them to common Han people. When the▓ night of the Mid-Autumn Festival came a huge uprising broke out. From then on, people ▓have eaten mooncakes every Mid-Autumn Festival ▓to commemorate the uprising.Nowadays, pe▓ople also like appreciating the moon on Autumn Moon Festival. Family members have dinner together in the evening of the festival.Traditional Mo

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oncakes·FillingsThe types of fi▓lling vary according to the region's tradition. The most used fillings are as follows:Lotus seed paste (鑾茶搲, lían róng): It is made from dried lotus seeds. Lotus seed ▓paste is con

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  • n.While problems are inevitable, there are needs for new negotiations and
  • ▓invitations to more economies to join in the process, he
  • ▓ added.In his speech, Xi used a sweet potato as an example

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China's ▓commitment to contribute to the development and prosperi▓ty in

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sidered by some people the most delicious and luxurious filling for moon


cakes.Sweet bean paste (璞嗘矙, dòu sh膩): There are several type

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s of sweet bean paste: mung bean paste, red bean paste and black bean pota

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to paste▓. Red bean paste is the most commonly used filling for mooncakes

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National University of Colombia, said that using the sw▓eet potato as an

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its own c▓haracteristics. Chile, Mexico and Peru

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r.·Regional Varieties of MooncakesThe variety of mooncakes varies according to

American countries to learn how to cooperate with China."Pl ease scan the QR Code to follo

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different ▓regions. The fillings used in mooncakes depend on local eating culture and

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tradition. The most popular variations include:Cantonese-style mooncakes▓Cantonese-s

▓ BJTMooncakes are traditiona lly Chinese pastries generally eaten during the M▓id-Autumn F

estival. The fes

tyle mooncakes originate from South▓ China's Guangdong Province. The ingredients used ?/p>
tival typically involves fam ily getting together to▓ share mooncakes while watching the mo?/a>

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